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Photograph courtesy of Michael Tichonuk
Weekly Service
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P.A. Extraordinaire!
My Gluten Free P.A. Extraordinaire services cater to Celiacs & others leading a gluten free lifestyle in Atlanta who don't have the time &/or desire to menu plan, grocery shop & cook. Although it's technically not part of my Interior Finishes business, this service certainly caters to "a tailored lifestyle," so I've included a page here on my website to describe my role as a Gluten Free Personal Assistant. I offer 2 service levels, but am happy to customize services for those who need a better fit. The fees do not include the cost of the food, only the service I provide.

       Weekly Service  

     - Completing a fridge & pantry inventory  
     - Meal planning for the week, and along with that,  
       a shopping list   
     - Grocery shopping for the week   
     - Putting groceries away   
     - Providing a meal plan for the week   
     - Meal prep, such as organizing lunches for the week   
     - Cooking 2 double meals, providing 4 dinners total   

     Fee for weekly service through 12/31/12 is $180 per week   

       Monthly Service

     - Completing fridge & pantry inventory
     - Creating a meal plan for the month
       (without fresh produce after the 1st week)
       and a shopping list
     - A month's worth of grocery shopping for staples -
       dry goods, canned goods, frozen foods &
       refrigerated items w/a 1 month+ good thru date
       + a week's worth of shopping for fresh food
     - Putting groceries away
     - Meal prep
     - Cooking 4 double meals, providing 8 dinners total
       or 3 double meals & 1 pot of soup

     Fee for monthly service through 12/31/12 is $280 per month

Herb Roasted Chicken
served with
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes &
French Style
Green Beans Sauteed w/Garlic & Olive Oil

Pan Seared
Coho Salmon with
sautéed vegetables and mashed Acorn Squash w/cinnamon, brown sugar & a hint of cayenne pepper

Linguini with Red Sauce & Italian Sausage
served with Fresh Mozzarella, Campari Tomatoes
& Basil Leaves, on a bed of Field Greens,
topped with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar
The fees include travel time & expense within 15 miles of Atlanta zip code 30319. If you live further than that, the additional miles would incur the IRS 2012 mileage allowance of 55.5 cents per mile. I reserve the option of charging a travel surcharge if the routine travel time exceeds 1 hour round trip.

Asian inspired Fried Rice with Shrimp
and Stir-Fry Vegetables, lightly tossed
in a sweet chili sauce

A little Southern flavor?

...Ham with
Collard Greens
and Cuban-style
Black Beans & Rice 

If you are currently eating out more often than eating in, or purchasing a lot of prepared foods, it is quite likely that my fees + the cost of the groceries will be less than you are currently spending on food.   


Tom Kha with Shrimp
to start, followed by
Chicken & Vegetables
in a Peanut Sauce
with Rice Noodles
Are you ready
for that
Gluten Free
P.A. Extraordinaire yet?
I begin by creating an extensive inventory of your likes- breakfast foods, snacks, lunch, dinner, sweets, desserts, beverages, so that I may provide you with a wide variety of selections. I can also offer lots of ideas & suggestions, as I have been living a strict gluten free lifestyle for over 4 years.
If you are highly sensitive to gluten, even trace elements & cross contamination, I can assure you that I have the utmost standards in selecting foods that are truly gluten free. Although I cannot personally guarantee that the foods I purchase are gluten free, because I do not test the food, I confirm the gluten free status through product labeling, confirmation with a gluten free guide, or confirmation by a telephone, email or website documentation from the manufacturer.
As the weeks progress, we can organize a plan for freezing some dinners & beginning a rotation, so that dinners are more varied each week. I am also happy to do special meals, serving as a personal chef of sorts, for dinner dates, dinner parties, holiday meals, etc. I'm also happy to do fun little extras... would you like a fresh pitcher of homemade iced tea waiting in the fridge for you each week? A bowl of assorted fresh fruit greeting you from your kitchen table when you arrive home from work? Lunch bags prepped w/fruit & nut bars, trail mix, an apple a day, chips, M&M's? Little treats like this can mean a lot when life is encumbered by the many restrictions of living gluten free.
Yeah, I thought so...